Friday, December 5, 2008

Raya Eidul Adha, Holidays....

It all comes to one thing, bad economy. Poor action my the Malaysian Govt not to reduce the price of fuel by 40sen instead of just 10sen makes things bad. But the relationship of Tolls is getting on my nerves. Every holiday, the toll roads are packed up to the brim. It's bad, and today I was stuck in the rush, whilst getting my deliveries up.

Singapore, notorious for being heavy handed defused the tension by getting rid of the tolls which causes so much agony on eve of public holidays. Come on people, the toll concessionaires already made tons of money already and even Che Det admitted that he made a serious judgment in signing off the concessions. I'm not brainy enough to say that, but it's always that tolls,and the consumer associations making fuss and giving the public more trouble, by suggesting fines for 4th rear passengers etc.

I remember back then, that we as Singaporeans packed the seven of us in a cranny old Datsun 120Y which would never pass the MOT, without belts and likewise, the lack of accident. Hot headed drivers and bad road conditions cause most of the accidents and deaths, not plain vehicular safety. Smoke from lorries and loads of dirty roads lined with gravel even on the metropolitan roads of Kuala Lumpur cause alot of accidents involving motorcyclists, not plainly because of their bad riding. It's like crossing a minefield every day on Malaysian roads, and thus why these riders ride fast so their time on the street is drastically reduced.

I hate to see any more deaths on the upcoming Ops Sikap. It's sad to see someone arrive in a body bag.

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