Saturday, December 27, 2008

Singaporean couple caught having sex in car park!~

It says all..happily fondling and enjoying themselves that someone with good DSLR caught them on screen. Thanks to my useless sis who has nothing better to do than to scavenge for gossips among her friends of paparazzi bloggers which then uploaded them to STOMP!


7-555-7 is the hot code which they just MMS the whole darn thing! Oh my ...what a nice body!

It looks that the girl is enjoying her ride more than the guy I suppose....

And meaning NC-16 is that you must be 16 before you can even try to have sex people...cos it's basically statutory rape! Means THE ROTAN for the GUY!. I know it's fun to have sex..but then, not with underage girl with her school CCA uniform!

In retrospect, the person who shot this zoomed in photo is also a conspirator to the crime. Peeping tom? Nah..cos you do it in public.

More go google it! Or link to my sis...

Your comments?I dunno.


  1. eh. you jealous you dont have twosome is it? what's the problem with you. they decide to have sex, then so be it. why bother.

    One partner is more than problematic lah bro what more two...
    Anyway, is it really you in the photo??

  2. Woww!! that's so unicivilised sex in the east :D

  3. it just looks like really intense groping. his pants are still on..unless they were doing it through the zipper or something

  4. my Gosh so open...
    can find other place to do wat....

  5. Isn't this too public? Why can't they find a proper place to have fun?

  6. since when western sex was civilised O.o

  7. Maybe renting a hotel is expensive for them...


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