Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting infested!

Yes, my computer got spunked by a Facebook worm which I don't know which mother idiot spammed my email servers and profiles with 'Is this you?' and sort and such that this is a much a nuisance and hinderance that even after using SpyBotSD, AVG, Norton Antivirus, it does not do any damage control to my beloved Google Chrome browser.

To those who received my emails and messages,my sincere apologies as I could not do anything to get rid of it. Hopefully my files on Google Docs are intact and I'm right now contemplating of synching my data up,especially the videos and photos with picasa. Heck it with the other data since most of them are already backed up.

Like it or not, I am not that much of a fan of Helium anymore since their idiotic stewards think so highly of themselves, that they are not even at par with the commercial writers and they dare to reject articles and technical write ups and for that, they dare to say it's grammatically incorrect especially when one is talking in terms of technical aspects. Who writes in proper Grammar when you are explaining in Technical Terms to people? It's like talking to a kid about Astro Physics who only know that the sky above is just about stars and planets.

Somehow, I am getting bored at this, and like it or not, I will not stand up for this kind of injustice!

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