Friday, December 24, 2010

Astro Really SUCKS!

Why Do I Have To BEAR WITH THE INCOMPETENCE OF ASTRO should be a trending topic of today since their rates are expensive and that they take ages to get things done.

Hell, how long does it take to reactivate a service since it's not be owing them money, but they owed me over 2 months of service, just over RM84! And for your info, the reason I terminated my last service is because they over charged me, debited my credit card over 6 months of service@!!

Hell to you ANANDA KRISNAN for taking over our Malaysian Companies. Hell to the corrupt officials who let ASTRO be dominating our homes, not allowing other parties to the monopoly.

It's really bad, as I waited over TWO MONTHS to get my service and now they say because of their upgrading project, they can't do anything anymore and for at least 10 days since I'm their old customer and the new system does not have the old customer database!

What utter nonsense! I pray for the PKR to go march to the people and demand the cancellation of any monopoly by any company in Malaysia. They want to be saviors to the People? Now save our freedom!

Seriously, I'm really not eager to do any blogging for ASTRO and their bad antics. Can't answer a question? Ooh, put the fone down cowards run the backdrop of the call centers.

How is that for my XMAS PRESENT?? Pray they all die in a horrendous death for eating out of the blood money.I CURSE YOU ALL WHO WORK FOR ASTRO!!

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