Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm bad ain't I?

Sometimes being nice do not play especially when you are what already stamped on your head. But times like this makes you a real jewel in the heap of dust and honestly I don't see what is so great with the iPad since it's killing the MacBook Air since the memory and ram is bigger and is a bigger piece of technology.

Anyhow, what I want out of an iPad app? Everything all in one, where I can piggy back automatically across ANY FREE WIFI (secured or not, with a standard password crackerjack), teethering and boost my speed for immediate browsing. An ALL-IN-ONE for BLOGGER-Google Apps-Picasa with external storage at the cloud. An ALL IN ONE for the SME, such as cash register, POS, ERP, ERM, CRM accounting, Voice, Fax using the no lugging a heavy Cash Register to the roadshow, just a portable USB or WIFI or Bluetooth printer for receipts.
I like technology to make the SME life simpler so that is what I want. An ALL IN ONE, ERP-CRM-POS (whichever platform) with printing and stuff so their life is simpler. And if people come by and ask for their catalog, it's all there.

And I think MAXIS is far better than CELCOM since I am really getting my nerves wrecked with CILAKOM and their network issues.
So, this is my IDEA!And SPONSORED by MAXIS (nope) ... but do visit their iPad page

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