Monday, May 23, 2011

Weird Dinner

Sometimes I am always doing weird things and this is one of them. Chilli Sprouts and Jering (Jengkol) which is a member of the Stinky Family of Beans including Petai and Kerdas what nots.

Honestly, I prefer the Jering skinned off leaving only the nutty flesh without any outer coverinng as it does not taste the bitterness nor the stench. However, the urine do stink and not as much as the Petai.

Coming to why Chilli Sprouts... which is the reason for me to try out, is it as what Jamie Oliver said it would be, spicy and hot and the answer is NO! The seed does not display any of the tangy sensations that biting into a hot chilli pepper will do and that for one, is a plus for me since I can take the heat, but a little bit allergic to the after effect, giving me the Monkey Business problem, scratching all over like a flea ridden animal. Which by the way, I am not having fleas or what not, just that a dry itchy scalp problem, solved by Head and Shoulders.

The ripe old Jering is best eaten COOKED or BOILED OVER. It just taste like Chestnuts and old and riped ones are hard to come by, costing as much as RM3 for just 8 pieces.

As for the young ones, usually 20pcs cost you RM5!

Now, that is ORGANIC!
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