Saturday, May 14, 2011

Retirement from Parliament

As a whole, I don't support many policies that the current Singapore Government have over the people such as low CPF Pensions and Increased Retirement Age but it is about time that things do change. I for one, am more of the INDEPENDENT person where some policies are holding up for me, but some are not beneficial for the Singaporeans.

Likewise, just as Dr Mahathir stepped down from Malaysian politics in grace is far better than shamed like what SM Goh Chok Tong faced and more of a blow to Mr Lee K Y as the support for the government is at the all time low. I am not in favor of Mr Goh stepping down as he served his time properly and with good policies in check whereas MM Lee should have relinquished his post many years ago due to his poor frailing health. I for one do not want to see him die in office, as it's a shame to see a legend die, grappling over his achievements and be lost and cussed overnight.

What the PAP could do TODAY will affect our support tomorrow.
 My suggestions are as follows:
  • MORE HOMES FOR EVERYONE with prices at less than $200,000 which literally mean 20-50 storey flats all about. First timers like me don't need 4 bedroom flats, just a 3 room will do for the new family especially for us who have been overseas studying etc and want to relocate back,priority should go to us, as we have no where to call home.
  • FULL LOANS for HOUSING without a need of a bank loan for FIRST UPGRADE from their first flat due to growing family. YOU NEED OUR KIDS to feed you for the next 2 decades. You can only LUCKY PICK your more choosing. Don't want it, then you cannot apply for 5 year!
  • More accessible jobs for us. Make it harder for the foreigners to get work here. TAX THEM AT 40% just as how I paid in the UK.Make their bosses pay National Insurance, just as how we should contribute to CPF, 20% of their pay plus the boss paying another 10% to the pool for their coverage of EMERGENCY HEALTH COVER such as hospitalisations. The excess of the money each year goes to the Poor Singa Fund, meaning to cover our Polyclinic and basic medicines such as cough, flu and other essential cover like A&E. We are the TAUKE.. not them! Excess money go and pay us DIVIDENDS!
  • S Pass to be increased to $4,000 so that only those who are eligible can apply. Make the bosses pay the salaries to the central government so that the wages be credited to the FOREIGN EMPLOYEE ACCOUNT. These people CAN rent flats from us. They must sit for the ENGLISH TEST at 6.5 standard with AT LEAST a credible university certificate.Otherwise, they must sit and pass our GCE O Level English within ONE YEAR.
  • Q Pass for Expatriates to be increased to $10,000 a month! They can only stay in PRIVATE HOUSING!
  • Give the low paying Work Permit class jobs instead to our neigbours next door (Malaysians, Filipino, Indonesian,Thai) instead. The ratio should be 5:1 (Five Singaporeans to ONE foreign worker,with the Singaporean pay combined, the foreigner is drawing no more than 10-20% of the Singaporean salary) Base this figure from GROSS CPF CONTRIBUTIONS of the company. Ease the Malaysian to say 5:2 as in the end, they contribute to our well being and being good to them, is good for our family too.
  • 100% acceptance to UNIVERSITIES with 100% loans without interest. We have to work to pay them off anyway.
  • Those who want PR MUST SERVE 3 YEARS NATIONAL SERVICE FIRST! Women must work for 3 years in the Public Service such as Teacher, Nursing, Civil Defence, Kindergarten Teacher alike! They can only leave Singapore for 180 days every 3 years. Exit Permits a must, Saudi Style! No Reservist Done=NO EXIT! After 3 years then they can apply for Citizenship!
  • NO MORE ERP & COE! However, you can control the issue of vehicle by LUCKY DRAW! ONE HOUSE, ONE CAR MAX!
  • Lower Power and Utilities. Exercise GREEN ENERGY Smart option! The island is too hot now!
  • REMOVE THE GST or at least drp to 3% for just Luxury Goods! That means SIM LIM SQUARE.
  • NO HANGING OUT IN ORCHARD ROAD. THIS IS NO PINOY TOWN! I don't want to see our pride and joy become Bethnal Green aka Bangla Town / Hamlets.
  • Place all the Foreign Workers Quarters near AMA KENG or FIBUA VILLAGE!
  • MRT to be more frequent and straight to Tuas Checkpoint, Woodlands Checkpoint and Tekong Camp!
  • Ministers and MP are all alike. You can only take $10,000 monthly salary! No car for you, take the freaking MRT to work lah!
  • DUAL CITIZENSHIP for those who born Singaporeans and Served NS!
  • Automatic Citizenship of Singaporean Children, where ever they are born!
These are just some of the sentiments. We want also better alliance with Malaysia and beyond so every weekend, we can disappear and have a retreat overseas in green and serenity. So give us the option to tap into our CPF Funds to buy a house in South Malaysia.

All I ask is simple:

Come on PAP....if you are serious..then this is your task!


  1. Very great points. Thank you for sharing.
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  2. Great insight on this issue. Good bullet points.

  3. Thanks for sharing this insightful piece.

  4. This is very informative. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  5. Q Pass for Expatriates to be increased to $10,000 a month is a bit weird. They can only stay in Private housing is a bit weirder.

  6. These are also our sentiments. We want better alliance with Malaysia and beyond so every weekend, we can disappear and have a retreat overseas in green and serenity. So give us the option to tap into our CPF Funds to buy a house in South Malaysia.

  7. When I retire I just want to live in a retirement house so that I'll have some peace of mind.


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