Monday, May 9, 2011

What MM Lee forgot

MM Lee spoke on the defeat of the PAP against their arch enemy, Workers Party yesterday and I think JB Jeyaratnam would be proud  of his sacrifice.


However, old man is too gullible..and he should step down, just as Dr Mahathir… and what I commented… to his post.


It's time for the PAP to WAKE UP and LISTEN... SMELL THE COFFEE... and don't be pampered! To many, these people are so elusive that they are the main reason of  your defeat and drastic drop in support.

We supported you for the last 40 years...and we appreciate it, but as a prominent politician said to me, it is time to move on, move forward and not always look back, otherwise we will always be looking back at how we were governed by the British, which BTW are so cocked up even today!

So now, No more ERP, No more Foreign Imports, and concentrate on US, your Electorate. These Chinaman, Pinoys and Annehs are there to suckle our hard earned money, and when dry, they run back home. What about us? Of Our Kids? Of Our Future?

Have some honor and dignity. LEARN and LEAD. Nobody is indispensable in Singapore politics, kick those who drag you down and in a year or so, call for a by-election on those wards to see , if you really mean what you said.

Many of us are already are fed up..and we are here to give them a make sure you do a proper job..TODAY..not yesterday. How many of us are not in Singapore and 'cari makan' in Malaysia, the so for called poorer neighbour? Heck of a lot! Why? It's worth it, less stress, better enviroment, and being treated an asset and respected, not like how we are in Singapore.

Too bad many of our Singapore Talents are refusing to come back...for as long as the PAP is thinking sky high on Cloud Nine.

Have a break. Have a Kit Kat... and then work super duper hard!

…PS: I was your Electorate…. Now in another..because Tanjong Pagar is still a Slum!

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