Saturday, November 17, 2012

American Express - Don't Leave Home Without It

That is the only think I could remember with AMEX Card and since 2000, they have so many co-branded cards or credit cards issued by banks and even Prepaid labels by individual operators. It's a sign of prestige and when it is co-branded with EZ-Link, it's more value for money since the actual cost of having such a card is less than $2 plus registered post fee.

The Imagine AMEX EZ-Link Card is an excellent choice for those who want to save up money  but since the exchange rates, interest rates that are super low and that of hidden fees by the local banks (yes.. I am talking about the $2 monthly charge plus other hidden fees)

Imagine is a far better card than of the M1 Prepaid Mastercard or the Fevo Card that is jointly issued by EZLink and it's partners.

You don't need to be a Singaporean or earning tons of money to be eligible for an Amex Black Card. Heee ...this is really nothing to do with a Charge Card but merely a Prepaid American Express Card.

So it's more for the people who HAVE MONEY and Want To Keep It Safe.....with a brand that is renowned worldwide...and that you can't draw cash out of it so you won't be silly and waste it or get robbed.

Color wise, and since this is my Ez-Link's an all in one. I am protected if some joker is to steal this card from my bike IU and they know it's a big issue if you use some one else's credit / debit card..... risking a hefty fine and jail sentence, plus the Ez-Connect feature insures me against fraud on my Ez-Link card.. so no skimming or RFID Pinching.....

To get it... get to the Imagine Card website and for a limited time offer, the cost is $50 +$3.50 postage with $40 inside the spending purse and while waiting for the card to be activated & registered (you do need a Passport or IC - FIN for registration) , you can use the card at Petrol Stations, Pizza Hut outlets (walk in only, not for delivery!) , Paypal, Air tickets (you can only have up to $1000 on the card btw!) and many more. You can load the EZ-Link up to $500 and use AutoReload facility if you need to do so.

And for a limited time.. they give a free Movie ticket worth $8 at Shaw...and that is the reason I want to get it. If you are OUTSIDE Singapore and want this... I can get it for you...for a small fee.. just email me your MyKad and PASSPORT Copy ok and the money....


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