Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday Blues

Fact of a Malaysian life:

You go borrow from PTPTN or MARA to go to university for usually about RM45,000 to RM200,000 just to find out your degree is useless and get you a job less than RM3000 a month.... so eventually you have to pay till end of your youth till pensioning age to settle the debt.

WTF rite? So eventually many try super get rich quick scams only to get more stuck with Credit Card Bills etc etc and they get more depressed. 

Compare the guy who never passed SPM, jual burger, everyday work hard.. still make and take home more than the Degree Holder....and without any debts.....

Tribute to my friends and relations who is riddled with MARA , PTPTN loans of up to RM650,000 (those study overseas like US, UK etc).... so don't blame us for not returning back only to work to pay off the debt.

tagging all my friends who are in debt....

So the moral of the story is.. a degree gets you no where....unless you have good experience to work on....else.. go sign on and get the Dole mate.

This is not meant to insult anyone or organisation... just that I feel we are being victimised by the paper chase that we forget the meaning of life and other things that are more important to us, like health, life, family and enjoying yourself.

Run your own business...then the rewards are more than you deserve.

Friday is here.. Happy Deepavali and Salam Maal Hijrah to all.

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