Sunday, June 16, 2013

Khutbah Nikah

Congratulations to my friends who just got married... but those who have not or have not heard of it... did you know that the Khutbah Nikah or the Sermon of Solemnisation is one of the mandatory things the GROOM AND BRIDE MUST LISTEN TO?

The reasoning is that , one must understand fully of the responsibilities of being a human being and of what we need to do to our spouses and as I find it a norm among Qadi or Ministers in US or Europe to utter the oath of blessings, in Singapore or Malaysia.. I seldom heard it clearly enough, only to emphasise of the Taqliq or Defaulters' Oath.

The Sermon would be of as such,

Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim. In the Name of Allah, The Merciful and the Most Compassionate.

Blessing and salutations to the Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) , remember of Taqwa to Allah and His Commands oh dearly beloved, Brothers and Sisters in Islam.and adhere to the limitations He has
set for us. This underscores the importance of taqwa in
the life of a Muslim.

Today, we have gathered here to witness the solemnisation of our friends, in which is a following to one of the Prophets specific sunnahs which translates to " Use the Siwak, Wear Attar and Perform of Nikah" which in depth, means, BRUSH YOUR TEETH for your oral hygiene is utmust importance in life, as when we smell, we cause grief to others and it will cause harm to us, with bad oral care. Wear Fragrances especially when performing Solah or at other times is so that we are always in the good graces of the Angels who is always protecting us and that if we stink, then, it causes bad heath. People also will shy us away.

These two aspects are key in every marriage as our partners will be in grief if we stink or with bad odour and invite more bacteria, germs and even Syaitan himself, causing friction and causing the whole institution to brea down, causing harm and grief to everyone, families and children..and of the future of our Generations.

Perform the Nikah is the final stage of one being complete for once we have nikah, we go forth and multiply. The burden we carry is far heavier as it's not just an aspect of financial, but moral and emotional part. A life long emotional support till the end of our life, for we can never be an ex-father, but father and mother to the child till they die. To love them as much as you can, and protect them always, till death do you part.

It is not just of one person, but both parties must work together hand in hand, financially, physically, emotionally to make it work, thus for every deed done by a married person, the deed is 7 times as much as a bachelor and that giving food to the family is a better deed than to donate money to the needy, and that a Wife is easier to be admitted to Jannah or the Highest Heavens, just by making her husband happy with her and that copulation or sex is a better deed than of many daily prayers as it is there to create more children and bring more numbers of the Muslim population to the world.

The three simple phrases , which transliterate YOU SIAWAK, WEAR ATTAR and GO NIKAH is not just as simple as it is, but the interlinking aspects of the whole institution to the newlyweds and also those who are already here, parents and alike of our own responsibilities in life, for we all here work for the After Life.

God Willing, Insha Allah, that everyone will be blessed always and be in the Grace of His Mightly Lord for the deed we are about to be witnessing.


That is a reminder to myself and others... for the requirements of a Marriage and in Life.

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