Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Unfriending a Fiend

Many of you who know me in person, I am a happy go super lucky person who is happy with what the Almighty gave to me and well, some times or a lot of times I am quite commenty when I have nothing better to do and when that happen, all sorts of comments which should be filtered by a triple Gaussian speck noise filter as it is sometimes or a times, nasty, sexual or what lot.

I am labeled WORST BLOGGER OF ALL TIME outside the United States for 3 years on my old Azrin.Net Geeks Lair because I bear no holds... and I speak what I think is the truth.  If your service sucks, I will say it aloud so you can repent and do better next time...

But in the social media cyber life.. there are idiots who can't take the joke... friends of friends....
So to protect you from me... I posted this...

Because many of you asked the trivial question, who am I to make such and such a comment on some-of-their-friends remarks post ...which we , the friend and me have no issues ..... well.. Once I will take it.. after that I will remove the friend so U cannot see me at all..

So if you don't get to see my tags after this... please note I have unfriend and unfollow you because YOU think I am a fiend.. so I am now becoming one to you.
UNFRIEND. UNFOLLOW but I do not block. 
If your friend do re-add me... it's his or HER choice.
That is my point of view.
So if you have yourself removed... you can understand.

Sorry this have to be this way.

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