Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thank You Allah for the #SGHaze

Well, look into the bright side of things. We had our own hot spot for the past few weeks or so.. which is the Dengue Fever Hot Zone. The Super Haze is a good measure for us, smoking us out from the great outdoors and controlling the foreign population of aliens.

I am not talking about the weekend Pinoy and Asians hanging about all over Orchard Road and whole stretch of Serangoon Road (Tekka Market to Boon Keng) and our Indon Maids with their Bangla Partners at Geylang Lorongs and City Plaza ok?

I'm talking about the flying aliens. The Dengue Mosquito.

I expect, 2 weeks of PSI over 300 will do Singapore quite good. No need to buy ShellTox , BayGone and RidSect which is environmentally unfriendly, stinky and worse than those guys at the temple burning incense papers.

If it suffocates us, then 2 weeks will surely irradiate the WHOLE POPULATION of FLIES, LIES and Mozzies. No Mozzies to breed eggs. And if there is any, it is imported from our friends up north or south or off the ships. Dead Mozzies.

We were praying for a solution to that issue. Well, Allah gave that solution. No Rain, High Temperatures, All Haze. All flying insects gone underground. Not even a wasp.

So look at the bright side of life.

There is a silver lining to everything bad happen and God never gave us bad stuff.... only the good stuff. We just need to look positively on that.

On that note.. Enjoy the view from Sengkang East where you can even see Ikea and Pasir Ris (and Pasir Gudang Malaysia) from here at #16

I'm off to the Airport to make the kids go flat out.

Happy Weekend everyone.

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