Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I have completed the IPv6 Migration.....

OK, IPv6 is not that easy especially when U have to work with terrible CPE such as HuaWei and ZTE and even some Cisco Dual Port routers are not able to load up with IPv6.

So here we go.
Each individual PC is given their own super stack, dual stack IPv6. The last octets are changed.
The router is able to broadcast /48 IPv6 address from the end side, using the ASUS N56 and AC and N66 works fine too. IPv6 is not workable over RT-N15 router. I've yet to test the netgear router Singtel uses and also of the PACE Routers they use. AZTECH 7000 from Singtel (password H3ll0t3ch ) 

Yet, there are so many devices that don't work over ipv6 including APPLE iOS Devices aka iPad, iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iSmack etc..... and it's a waiting game.

My IPv6 Address is in Portland Oregon, USA... Thanks to HE.NET
For some, in Malaysia, IPv6 is a far distance away since the ISPs have hogged down almost over a few million IP Addresses for their R&D etc and the government is no where steering into IPv6, and that their own domain registry is not IPv6 Compliant.

It's a funny thing as I am still in Singapore and I am announcing from MyRepublic Singapore. Spooky eh???

Well, Smart Routers know it, but many providers are nuts and still get conned.

Well, we go forward after this

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