Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vistaprint Singapore... a service review.

Initially I was looking thru many stuff that I had to do and one of the things I needed was a self inking stamp and Vistaprint Ad pops up, offering FREE Self Inking Stamp.

So I did click and guess what? I had to pay $29.99 for the item. Initially I thought it was a geographical error and well, I leave it to be. But after a few days later, I looked it up again, and guess what, it's the same... All I want is a simple self inking small stamp bearing my name and phone number in standard black where I could do it for less than $10 locally here in a shop but $18 is still reasonable.

The thing is, that is all about principles. Business Principles.
You Promote, You Honor The Promise.

So I emailed the customer service and after 2 days, it got replied and basically, the tone of voice is not to what I expect it to be... asking me to find back the mailer and click on it.

The cheeky part is , that the offer was only for a certain silly models which in my opinion, of no different in the cost of the plates and of others. I know how it is done anyway, using silk screening.

Postage is super expensive and well, in total, my point is that for what I pay for 2 products, I would get 10 in my local shop and IMMEDIATELY.

Why the hassle? The CSO did not even offer a sense of remorse and even a coupon.

So my advise is, avoid them.

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