Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is it faster?

Someone said on the forums that IPv6 transition is faster to load than of IPv4 and we are putting it to test today.

BTW, to be fair, we are using MyRepublic Gamer 150Mbps link (topped off at 162mbps local) and Hurricane Electric SEA-1 Tunnel to Portland, Oregon

First test goes to Netherlands

And this is over native IPv6 and surprisingly I found out that our link is faster over ipv4 to India than iPv6.

This is to India and to Lyon France... the test shows it's faster

This is hosted by LaFibre.Info and This is on AS43142, so if you understand routing on BGP, it has to go thru the route itself, since I am HE Tunnel AS6939 via IPv6, it is the preferred way as IPv4 has to hop so many other places.

So , depending on network peers, sometimes it works fine with IPv6 and mostly on IPv4.

Hit and Miss

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