Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gettig ready for Black FRIDAY

Yes. I am snagging many deals for you on BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND for HOSTING, DOMAINS and SUCH. One of them is FREE HOSTING FOR ONE YEAR, and a few others, well I can only advise when the deal is up tomorrow.

Anyway, many deals are such a time waster like the YES 4G by YTL where their customer service sucks big time and despite their claims, the devices are limited, service coverage is just in main downtown areas and they don't have shops that have the products. What the heck when you have service in JB,SEREMBAN and no one to sell your device?

You expect your customer to drive all the way from JB and PENANG to KL for the item and do the registration and stuff? Come on man YTL.. you guys think it's fun? And that how on earth did your ISP WEBHOST allow you to get DDOSed? Didn't you want to try Cloud Computing by AZURE or AWS..otherwise this would not happen.

Sack those in the company....honestly. not doing any great news to your branding.

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