Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm seriously fed up with the business model of Celcom Axiata Malaysia where they think that 3GB is such a fair usage policy that 3GB is nothing compared to the needs of the country Broadband demands. Heck, come on, even the basic low end user slurps up 300MB of data by just checking emails, Facebook and a few online news papers for information.

Honestly, what kind of business model are they thinking of, demanding RM50 which is almost a months rental for another few GB of data? Somewhat, despite the lacking and problems of their parent company, Telekom Malaysia, their wired service, Streamyx is without any throttle limits and I am seriously contemplating on going back into prepaid plans if not for the lack of coverage by Digi and Maxis and that my modem is network locked which is a real bummer.

It's bad enough the fees are far more than their neighbour where RM100 will get you speeds of 7.2M without any cuts *(they do say 5GB, but it's never enforced due to SLA and other bad PR they try to avoid) , filters and disabled towers problem. With a penetration of 42% of broadband and coverage of 35% of the outskirts of major cities, I mean seriously they need to rework their business attraction model.

YTL is introducing YES or short for YTL Enhanced-communications Systems which is done on 4G LTE network with voice and data speeds of 5x the speed of the current 3G networks, surpassing P1 Max. But being 4G they have a WiMAX inter operatability system in place where you should be able to roam into AMAX, P1 and RedTone. It should but I've not yet seen it done since Singapore is keeping their 3G still as they are leap frogging into OpenNET fiber optics by the Gigabits.

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