Sunday, November 21, 2010

Using freelance websites.

Somewhat, I have been trying many ways to find some extra cash over the weekend and yes, at times, it's frustrating since blogging for money is literally dead unless you are counting on the Google Adsense and the White Hat SEO tricks people been trying to con to get high bids on their advertising space.

But no, I did something during the Thanksgiving Holidays (Eidul Adha or Festival of the Haj Pilgrims) and snagging a few jobs that require technical and consultation expertise.
You see, I do play with affiliate programs and sometimes I do get jobs which I am not fully competent to work on.

Of which, I tend to sub contract the job out myself for a quick buck! So if you want some of the pickings, please look out for those jobs.
I have about 5 jobs which are running right now, but I won't tell you which ID it is on, until you register and let me see your passing credentials.

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