Saturday, November 13, 2010

Making that extra bit in Helium

I am seriously surprised that getting $7.02 a month based on 109 articles in Helium is such a real deal to the writers, where on average, it just yield 6.5 cents per month on the adsense earnings alone.

The thing is, I blog for a living and even at "low tides" such as now where we tend to focus into selling products on the internet for a living and making a killing from affiliate programs such as those on Commission Junction, Share-a-sale or other program. But then, even at these lows, my adsense clicks and conversions far exceed the $7 a month! This is totally crazy where if I am to follow that trend, it would take me over 18 months to cash out my earnings from Google.


Is there some sort of foul play at helium? I was asking the other day so that I can directly insert my analytics instead with my publisher id where they can take the 50% share of the earnings directly instead as opposed to the current field of play. I've no qualms of them managing things but prefer if they can just pay the earnings, how small it is via Paypal at the end of the month.

Coming back to earning more, as a publisher and active affiliate, I have to keep with the trends and checking out new toys and stuff to sell is an important part of the research, not just SEO itself. It's no use writing articles that are not being weighed properly on the search engines, as you can try Google your topic and see how low your listings goes down the list.

Checking what is being paid by advertisers like me on Adwords is a key aspect of Google Analytics. Every high paying keywords (over $25 per click bids) include Web Hosting, Business Setup, Banking, Technology and mid range will include players from eBay, Amazon and such for products like iTunes, Apple iPhone 4, Blackberry Torch and iPad. These high value items including gold coins, jewelery and bullion.

As such, you should research, using 3rd party applications, of what advertising will come up on your advertorials. This will play a huge part in your daily earnings and not just paying peanuts of 2 cents per month.

According to the trends this weekend, Technology products, software are on the top list along with Business and Finance, especially about Home Refinance and Foreclosures in the US, managing the finances in the UK and Credit Cards, and not to forget Debit and Prepaid Credit Cards in the US for the financially unstable.

Apart from meeting the word requirements, putting in more information and repeating the keywords you are emphasizing will draw better advertising in place of the normal low bids.

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