Thursday, April 28, 2011

Many Thanks

I take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE (40 of em) who left me notes and well wishes on my Facebook Wall on my birthday! Also to Nadia, Tia Baby and my sis for the call… and one thing for sure, it shows how much people do care about you.


I did asked many to come and visit the blog and leave comments since there was none ever since I moved off my own servers to Blogspot. I had my own set of issues which I have to tackle and I admit, we all make mistakes which we are not proud of. But family should come first, and I do care much for the affairs of my own brother, despite his short coming and other matters, that he is not cheated of his life and waste his youth as I did. I was not proud of it, and still regretting it till date, over 20 years on.


Oh, if you supported my vendors and advertisers, thanks again..and do let me know if anything cocks up….. And for that I take my hat off to you.







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