Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Appeals of Mara loans / Rayuan Permohonan Pinjaman Mara

In my previous posting about Pinjaman Mara , some still do not understand the facts and figures.

OK , put it bluntly... lets get to basics.

HOW MUCH CAN YOU PAY? Lump Sum + Monthly ?
Please check your CCRIS and CTOS report from Bank Negara and via the CTOS apps.
Can you open a Checking Account or Current Account?

As a lender, MARA is an organisation that is based on trust and for that matter, you are linked with your 2 guarantors, usually family members or friends. It pains them too because of you, they are in trouble.

Why I ask these matters, is that you must take charge of what your assets are and what are your liabilities. Student loans can be forgiven or huge discounts be given. I have heard full waivers if YOU COMPLETE 3 pointers aka 3.0 CGPA Grade or First Class Honours.

If you study and flunk out like me.. need not fret. It is NOT the end of the world. Some educational institutions locally or overseas can take your grades as credits and provide you waivers. However, you need to get your act together. Just because you have kids and all, does not mean you cannot work or study. Some take great lengths to work and study at the same time.

What pays GOOD MONEY? Driving a Truck or Bus pays as much as RM4500 a month. Working in Singapore too will get you more, provided you stay in Singapore and do not commute as the time wasted can be used for OT or other stuff. Bus Drivers in Singapore take home at least S$3500 or about RM10,000 !

PTPTN does that. Bankruptcy does that too. At one point or another, I did mediocre jobs like being a despatch rider for McDonalds and PizzaHut to feed the kids. Its long hours did not mean I cannot do anything else during the TRAFFIC JAM hours such as postal delivery et al.

I truly understand where you are coming from and at times, family will press you down. I remember my late father ridiculed me having a PhD + MD and ride a bike sending food but that put food on my table and my kids not to go hungry. Going up and down is a grim reminder of me to be a HUMAN and be kind to others, to be charitable and even the small help will go a long way.

Coming to the appeal. Encash every single piece of jewellery you can find. AR-Rahnu pays good money for jewellery. Do not borrow from Credit Cards. It's a trap!

Now... Set this way.

Pay off MARA with 50% of all assets.
Sell all liabilities such as car etc. leave only ONE CAR and ONE BIKE for commute.
Write or call them. Email also works. Find out who is your case officer.
Think of your GAME PLAN. You want to work, study back, etc etc?

Think first.....

I will continue with this soon.

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