Monday, November 12, 2018

New Mission Statement and stand on Modern Slavery

I am a Muslim and it means I submit to the orders of God, the One , The Mighty.
And in doing so, I pay my Zakat or Tithes and it reminds me of the recipients of zakat which one always overlook, Riqab or Freeing of Slaves. In the old days, if one does not pay one's debt, one become MUFLIS (meaning No Fulus / coins) and thus a bankrupt. What happen then is the person or family is sold as slaves till debt is paid.

Though I am not such a devout Muslim, I try not to piss the Boss. Now, in these new era, a slave is one who is not independent, a Bankrupt or Insolvent. One is then trapped in endless vicious cycle of chasing for money to pay off debts. Credit cards are such a trap. And I seen it how it affects if you are a bankrupt.

Every time someone borrows you money, give them leeway to pay. And if one really cannot pay up and if your forgiveness can cause much joy and help the borrower's family, then, it should be such.
There was a movie or phrase of such in Italian "Rimetti a noi i nostri debiti" and it's a meta phrase from Jesus words himself.

If one forgive others, God will forgive you more of your debts.

And as such, we hereby publish our stand on Modern Slavery which is Riba or Usury which is far worse than interest taking.

May God forgive our sins.

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