Tuesday, November 13, 2018

MARA Study Loan Waiver or Reduction.

I spoke about this before in a few other forums, on How to reduce your MARA Study loan ( Macam Mana Nak kurangkan Pinjaman Mara ) and since I did not monitor my Yahoo email ... because of spam and other reasons, I feel sad for many of them, whom had many issues.

I know, death of loved ones , loss of job etc can be harsh on a person. I suffered the same fate and with many other reasons but that does not mean your debt remains unpaid.

First off, Find out HOW MUCH IS OUTSTANDING.
Go to Mara Website and check on Semak Baki.
It will show you the exact balance.

MARA or Majlis Amanah Rakyat or The Peoples Trust is created to help bumiputera and many more in studies and entrepreneurship. Many however, broke their trust.

If you completed your studies, then you could appeal for a FULL WAIVER if you are a CGPA 3.0 score achiever. However, many especially overseas, barely scrape through due to lack of understanding, poor conditions or just being a student and irresponsible.

Many dropped out half way and it is unfair to pay the university for 4yrs of education when you only attended 2 years. Dropouts due to health issues can be used as an excuse provided proof is available.

OK, back to basics, how you send an appeal.
Are you , able to commit to a monthly payment of RM300 a month? If so, then open a CURRENT ACCOUNT with check book and prepare a year of payment.
If you have money in KWSP, you can ask them to withdraw it to pay off MARA.  You can find the checklist from Unit Kawalan Kredit

So what about you really cannot pay? Unemployed etc?
You need to write in to them and explain your scenario and offer them a resolution. Even RM50 a month is better than nothing at all.

So how did I do it?

First off, I was furthering my education into another field, overseas. Whilst then, I offered to pay them what I could which was RM50 a month since I am still studying. I acknowledge my debt and asked for waiver of any such fees, which they did.
Promptly, I send them post dated cheques for the payment amount which I can offer. They may be a bit pissed off but tell them , that's what you can. Substantiate with evidence such as letter of acceptance, your bank statements and stuff like that.

Trick is, if you pay them properly, even slowly, they are more compelled to grant you waivers or discounts. Recently, MARA boss Annuar said they are giving 50% off... so what else can you do but go grab.. Pay them, Drive Grab etc.
You need to feed your family too right?


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