Monday, November 12, 2018

Secure or not

So what is this buzz over secured web page et al?
Well, if you have been blogging (not InstaGram etc), you have noticed that your page will no longer be ranked safe if it is not over secure SSL.
SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is that yellow logo with a padlock on your browser but mainly its to tell you that your connection between the server and yourself is safe and secure.

But is it really secure?

Some fanatics will keep on telling you to use a VPN or secure tunnel if you are paranoid and as a service provider, I will honestly tell you, that the ISP has nothing to do with downloading your data surfing online, unless you are after stuff such as terror related ( aka how to make a dirty bomb ) or how big is Amy Yip Bombs are *( read as Porn) , then you will want that. However, ransomware , adware, malware infestation is the biggest bugger and those bad boys usually use a burn PC.

In honest fact, many sell SSL certs for nothing. Comodo (yes the dragon) is one of the cheapest and yet many do not trust. Many prefer GoDaddy, Google, Microsoft or even of the GlobalSign.

Enterprise grade ones work for the not just websites but network communications between servers and clients especially those running SAP which needs RDP (Remote Desktop) connections. Though signed by Microsoft Server (whichever version), keys can be expired or compromised.

For me.. I don't care much. I pay with AndroidPay or a burn card which is tagged to my phone.

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