Thursday, March 13, 2008

Allah laughs at you!

I have been asking Google for the functionality to disallow negative keywords or phrases to show on my ads and they have been very much dragging their feet.

First off, the porn ads that are showing in them, showing words like Bogel and such for their Video Sharing site, which is an adult site.

Now...I am getting fed up when they try to get us pissed off!


See this?! Please.. help me by supporting my petition against vulgar keywords in Google Adsense.

What you can do? You can write up anything about this, email to google by sending a mail to adsense-support at and protest against these kind of sedicious posts.

You can also print this off and send it to Prime Minister (Yes..Mr Abdullah Badawi) to censor or ban these people and their servers along with their Service Providers.

Please, if this was YOUR RELIGION they talk about, you will be pissed. You can also hit them at their pockets by try to get their adsense account depleted. your part.


  1. dear sister,
    im quite pissed with the thing above too.
    its so obvious that they have no respect at all to our religious.
    how can we muslim help u with the petition anyway?

  2. dear sys,
    im quite pissed too with the thing above.
    its so obvious they have no respect at all to our religious.
    how can we muslim help u in the petition anyway?

  3. hmm... its actually the advertiser's fault. Google Ads just usually approved the ads campaigned by the advertisers.

    But then Google Ads should have a monitoring system.


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