Sunday, March 9, 2008

Penang Tolls to Go!

Well, I am not sure if it's plain rumours but sources inside the Penang Bridge Management have hinted that they may be out of a job since the Penang State had a landslide victory over Barisan National, leaving Pak Lah struggling for his Parliamentary seat.

I am not sure if this is true, but didn't the Opposition Manifesto said something about getting rid of the tolls? Anyway, Penang Bridge must go, as the daily traffic snarls are all caused because of the bottleneck at the Toll Booths. Apart from that, it's really hitting our pockets hard with $7 toll, on a daily basis.

What else, Oooh..did I mention Samy Vellu is staying in MIC? Darn it. I thought he could have some pride left and just leave with some sort of dignity. Bugger.

So bloggers... can we campaign for NO MORE TOLLS?? Please!


  1. [...] from the SMS messages I got from my friends working at Penang Bridge this morning … I got more text messages from colleagues who work along side with those with [...]

  2. Ooo. Think they'll really stop the bridge toll? Seems like a big promise to me. That's a LOT of funding that they're not gonna get anymore.

    Did you hear anything about the second bridge?

  3. the opposition will review the clauses now. not opposition hehehe, the ruling state govt hahahahhaha as bn is the opposition now

    dap need to be careful so that bn can't bite back easily


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