Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happiest day of my life.

One of those things that make you happy is when things turn out not as what you have intended it to be, especially for me when I was expecting this little bunch of glory Here comes the Princess Tia that have popped into my world and derailed many of my plans for the year. Basically what happened was she thought she wanted to have a little look see, and as cheeky as a monkey she is to me, she stretched herself way too wide, (like always and as always here,extending her realm) and caused mass hysteria to her mom on the 19th November in the mid afternoon, which her mom thought she was having miscarriage as there was quite a substantial amount of fluid and blood.

So, her mom had to be kept in the Delivery Suite, but hey..this little gal decided otherwise, felt it was NOT COLD ENOUGH to come out and wreck more havoc, Cheeky Little Tia and played more nasty jokes on her mom, till it was told that on the 22nd November, she would be discharged and FORCIBLY INDUCED LABOUR if she does not want to come out and play after 3 days or so. So mom was happy, at least she got time to go buy some preparations for this little girl's arrival into the chilly world. It was chilly and like always as how she is now, without the need or use of brute over steering thundering commanding voice, she would not heed it, just as nasty and hard headed as her dad while in the army. So, mom, took a cab home, and went to High Street Gillingham which was having a day market, tried to get some stuff, like cot , clothes and the like and seems this little cunning girl had her own plans. Gave her mom more pain and bleed her mom off. So off to the A & E again! I just think, after all these while, she is kind of picky in what she wants in life, which means no plain colored clothing, only bright colorful ones or pink and she had no worries of having a Hi-Vis Jacket as a fashion statement.

Mom got into more pain. Mom could not be stung by the Vampires. IV Lines could not be fixed because of running veins and even 6 surgeons failed to do so, till we decided my hard headed way, it's either the feet or the neck, and poor her, screaming all way,without much help from the laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide aka NOX) as an anesthesia. It's when you see that you can't help much makes you snap. I did snap and I thought my giving her shock technique , ie diverting her attention of her misery to another of lower threshold would work, just as you do to a person in hysteria but it back fired on me. Even till now I am regretting it.

The labor was fast and swift as she played no more. Tired I suppose, but somehow or rather I swore that she popped her head out about 10 minutes to midnight as I had to clean up her little mess which she love to do, ie coiling herself in something, and in this case her neck with her umbrical cord which caused many deaths in new born or childbirth.Under the UV Lights, in SCBU Oliver Fisher, Medway Maritime Honey, I am truly sorry from all these, and that I regret for what it is now. I love this little bundle of joy as much as I love you. My love for this little girl is none that can surpass itself, but being a parent and a husband it is not as easy as I could just say it out.

Tia as she loves to pose

How I love her much and that I just hope I could do more, to the extent of putting down my own life for her, as all I wanted was a family. She gave me more than I could imagine, though the negative is far outweighed by her good charms and that she knew that she can always manipulate her dad, knowing he was the one whom asked for her.


It is so far well worth it. Her stinky mess, and other things she can think of, is something or somewhat a small cost for the joy and happy moments in my life.

Proud to welcome Princess Athira 'Le Tun King Tia' Azrin, who is born on 23 Nov 2004 at 00.03 Hours. Yeah..nice timing Right?

Tia at 9 Months

Happy - Happy Moments

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  1. hi there, it brings to my attention that your video is not accessible publicly for everyone to view, therefore i would like to suggest for your video to be uploaded on youtube or other video hosting sites. Please do so to qualify. thanks and be happy.

    Hi Micheal.

    Actually, due to the nature of the video, I will show it to friends and those who requested it's kind of gory..(childbirth)

  2. congratgulations for having such an adorable baby!

  3. You forgot to mention she LOVES to mess with my hair accessories everytime she comes over.

    And when will you bring my lil niece, A Tun King, to see me har? I miz her cheeky smile.


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