Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yes's my birthday!

Thank everyone for your birthday wishes and all...and All I ask to support my Nuffnang advertisers and leave a comment... so I can follow your blog etc back.. I need to check on my network stats..seems many things are not working well....

Please...and btw, anyone here can lend me $3000 by tomorrow??
Thanks again!

And oh yes.. PLEASE follow and Like my blog (FB)...


  1. selamat menyambut ulangtahun hari kelahiran :D Semoga dipermudahkan urusan dunia dan akhirat, dimurahkan rezeki yang halal lagi baik :D

  2. i dont have a blog. happy birthday!

  3. Hope you have a good Birthday Celebration.....takut belum apa-apa lagi dah pinjam duit...apa cerita ni....You're a joker....

  4. happy birthday !! so skang nih bujang or dah kawin bar? hahaha


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