Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You deserve it

Someone here complained to me that Chan Li Lian aka 5xMom kept on bad mouthing her etc, and my POV stands, which is that if you can't be nice to others, then don't expect others to be such to you.

You see, if you bring it on your own self, and be so selfish... then you are to blame for the demise. Be it Timothy Tiah given ice cream and give freebies and you don't, why must you be so bad hearted that you must bad mouth the rest.

If you keep on taking and taking and taking without being a little bit back at others, then you seriously deserve to be isolated from everyone. Just as when people are talking , you shut them out and don't want to hear.

So don't blame me..and now I make it a point that I too have to shut this person off!

Good riddence to bad company? Maybe.. you decide...
I got to decide who gets my vote!

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