Friday, April 1, 2011

How can you work with such....

I have been in the media and online technology field for almost more than 10 years and the recession do take it’s toll on things. I have attended many trade fairs in the region and I have seen the drop in participation and provisions to the industry, namely the pampering to the media industry.


Key trade players are not putting their advertising dollars and sense forward and the exhibition organizers are cutting corners. This week alone, I attended a few and there were a real letdown to my own standards and I am not speaking representing the media agencies or crew but it really feel that we are not needed anymore.


Why I say so is that the lack of coverage of the press about the events in forums or feeds such as LinkedIn or even ‘chatter’. And that shows a lot when even the RTM was not present at the opening ceremony of a key exhibition in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center or KLCC which shows there is something wrong with things or there was a lapse with the appointments made by the organizer and the honeypot provided to the media crew. Being KLCC is in the heart of the city center, and notoriously everything is expensive there. Parking is a real murder and even with a media truck make things harder to park and very costly. Many now hire freelancers to pick up the slack due to cost cutting measures or lack of manpower or resources to go there (mainly because there was no incentive for these editors or anchor people to be enticed to be present.. ie: Money and Time) so we do our best but when there was NO MEDIA ROOM and there was NO MEDIA PRESS KIT.. then something is really amiss. All I took back was a pen drive which had a virus in it (spyware) and a press release paper and that was that. No feeds, exhibitor profiles or even brouchers / leaflets for us to write about, in terms of new technologies and this and that. And no coffee. There was times that do happen at some expo because of lack of space, they allocated a small area to utilize the network and coupons for our food and drinks at the café (which serves terrible food btw!). Only cold water was served!


So it’s heck of a leg work for me, going about the booths to see what is there to write on and only ONE DECENT exhibitor was attentive enough to approach us to provide information to what they were supplying and providing which was SATO LABELLING WORLDWIDE. Despite being a small player in the Malaysian health market, they are doing their best in making medical errors a thing of the past such as patient label bands, Printout stickers for the IV and medicines and stuff. I do appreciate what they do because as a medical professional, we make many mistakes which causes death and every little bit especially in good labeling and instructions (for the patient , after discharge) are key to survival and recuperation .  Honestly, it’s a simple thing, but with good labels and barcode tagging (or RFID), mislabeled baby swap jokes are something of the past or wrong prescription dosages (TDS be QDS etc). It also cut on time and money since everything is accounted for and there should be no expired medication running about and killing someone for that matter.


Despite them enticing me with a possibility of winning an iPad if I go to their product seminar, I had to give it a miss since I was up on time, but the gesture is much appreciated. Their male sales staff are very attentive and always have an eagle eye for details to spot where their next sale will be is something I have to comment on, with high praises. I would have tried my luck and stayed put but I had an interview during that time with a delegate so it’s something I do remember by and I was hoping to win an IPAD (just for fun…they could give me one though!) Their quality in their product bag was THINK QUALITY, THINK SATO and they are showing the best in their quality. I just hope the Ministry of Defense would use that system instead as the current system is a real pain in the back and with every label printed means one item less on stock and we have accurate stock keeping and accountability. Their pricing is not dear at all. Far cheaper than the Australian counterpart.


As for our Malaysian sector, only the Malaysian Health Ministry Department of Medical Tourism are so eager to explain on what they do and the whole nine-yards. Compared to SIRIM and others, I’m so sorry but they really fail the yard stick this time round.


So what I think of xxxxxx Expo held on 28-30 March? A real disappointment due to the bad running of the show by the organizers.


Better luck next time with the media ok?


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