Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fake profiles and Quack pot Doctors

I was going through the list of candidates on oDesk and I am quite surprised that many claimed to be Doctor of Medicine by just with 3 years in university in Pakistan or Philippines. Don’t they have any integrity within themselves to know that MBBS or MD takes at least 7 years of training, despite 3.5 years of theories. There is somewhat a very wrong sense of belonging when the provider don’t check who the candidates are and some are still in the undergraduate stages and would be the equivalent of the second year, and already claim they are a Doctor just because they can deliver babies.


What is wrong with the market here anyway? Where is the checking? Now I have the deep resentment against these people tarnishing the professionalism of the life saving industry. Someone can get killed just because of these idiots. Homeopathy Doctors are NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS. They are just the same as a Chinese Traditional Medicine Practioner. Even I don’t call myself a Medical Doctor as I am just a Military Medicine Medical Practitioner, despite having done my PLAB and houseman in the UK and served 2 years in the front line.


Where is the sense of pride here? Please …someone answer me?!

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