Thursday, June 9, 2011

You want me to leave....

It's very irritating that some people think so highly of themselves that they can tell everyone of your mistake of not covering up... a man who is on the beach half naked (well.. I was out of the water and took a photo chest up) and they are making a fuming fuss of the fact that I was NAKED when talking of a Muslim woman's modesty, is all about covering up, and meaning head to toe, and that is still point blank in their profile, and make no amends of it.

We are all entrepreneurs and alike, we respect each others beliefs and for me, why must I make a fuss of someone when that someone can be my customer. But here I was in the firing line, and I make it a point to hold my ground.

Of which, sadly, I think it is a waste of time and effort to keep myself in the company of MELAYU TRADE facebook group as all I see is a group of grown up gals who run businesses out to make a mockery of things and before I loose my darn temper, and make myself foolish and of agony, I better of de-friending them as I don't see any good with Malay Women Entrepreneurs.  It should be renamed The Bickering Bitches of Malay Women Traders instead as they have nothing else to do than to sell themselves online, far worse than a prostitute or Boh-Sia on the sidewalk of Chow Kit Road.

It's sad, that Tradition (Adat) of the Malay Culture is all about going against the teaching of Islam. It's all the medieval culture that brings nothing more than doom to the society. Islam teaches us to be modest and respect others, and a man is to cover from his navel to the knee and women everything except the face, hands and feet (below the ankle) as ordained. WTF is all I can say.

So I better leave...and if my own family wants me to leave, because I am always a looser, then they are far off worse than me. For that is a cause of many broken homes, of bad families and kids going wild et al as the Family Institution is no longer there. I for one have principles, and of one is not to break a promise or appointment with a customer, especially the House of God, be it a Mosque, Church or Temple, as you are sure to be cussed and cursed by the Almighty if you thread on His property. I won't risk bad karma for that matter, and I have to go out even in the twilight , late into the night, to earn a living and what I get in return from my own family? Nothing more than being cussed and sworn at.

So is this justice? No, there is no justice in this world, and for me, doing something for charity or a charitable institution is payment to the Almighty for the Grace bestowed upon me, and I for one, expect nothing else, other than be able to carry on living and spreading the word and sharing the Grace of God. And if I am to die unexpectedly, I don't expect anything of my body or soul, for all I wish for is to complete the tasks at stake.

I am tired, really am, but who am I to say much more. All I care is for my family and I miss my daughter, Athira for I missed her much, that the money I need to travel to see her, is better spent feeding her siblings. Sacrifices, and of the better of two evils. What can I say...but to admit my faults.

But to ask me to leave...

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