Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No more RON95 for Malaysians!

Read this carefully my fellow Malaysian friends, if you are not driving a Malaysian Registered Car.. then you cannot buy RON95 despite you showing your MyKAD at the station. The only way to bypass this pay at pump and if the station don't care.. buat don't know lah....

For CNG vehicles of Singapore.. sorry people.. no more subsidised NGV for you too. But I think, many stations won't bat an eyelid if you fill up in Melaka or KL as you are far away from home.

But in my opinion... they should only BAN RON95 sale TOTALLY in WHOLE OF SOUTH JOHOR less a few Petronas stations with Primax95. And they should offer RON97 and UL110/130 instead for the KAKI RACE drivers..and for you who don't know what UL110's Petrol for the Aircraft, Gasoline 110% proof, which is expensive but very good and cost savings. Plus that it's also known as NITRO to many in the US.

I support the move, since RON95 is for the poor people, not Singapore Bound vehicles. You are a Singaporean or Malaysian, and can afford a Singapore car..then too bad.. fill the good stuff. Don't be a cheap skate Mr Kiasu.

Otherwise, drive a Diesel engine car.. saves more..and economically more green as they are mostly now derived from green alternatives (read: COOKING OIL!). I will honestly support their cost savings.. heck, otherwise, just have less petrol stations. Be green, drive a Diesel! A full tank on a Renault Kangroo gives you 800km! Cheaper too since it's RM1.80 a liter or about 79cents.

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