Monday, June 20, 2011

Condolences to my cousins....

It was just after dawn that it dawned on me my sister rang me up to say that my only male uncle (heir/waris) to the family, Mr Abdul Hamid bin Mahadi @ Leman had passed away this morning. He was just 58 or so.

It dawned upon me of a silly joke that he said to me last year, the last time I saw him at the funeral of another relative, Puan Hajjah Norhayati Abdullah, which I quote, "Once you reach 50, all of us are waiting for the bell " which means, on reaching 50, we are all waiting for our number to be called by Izrail, the Angel of Death.

It is that, I seldom cry at funerals, but this particular uncle, is just the like of my dad, only their way of life is different and that what makes me sad this morning, is that he is at an early age, and I was not able to know him far better than what I knew of him 30 years back.

Being my father's elder brother, of course there are some misunderstandings, but what make me sad, is that they never buried their differences, and now, one of them is waiting for his turn to the other world, to be buried in the grave, that one did not able to ask for forgiveness or so.. when he was still alive.

That he reminds ourselves to be humble, that during the last time I saw him with my family, was at Tesco Bukit Indah and I did not even notice him, until he shouted out my name..and I was searching about to who was it.. and that is how bad I was.. I can't even recognise him until I saw my aunt...who was just as the same as 20 years ago.

To my cousins, Azhar (Kek), Azman..and my other cousins who I did not get to know.. my deepest condolences to you.



  1. Salam Abg Azrin,
    Thank you for your condolences. It is uplifting to see me cousin remember my late father....let us pray for phimosis to be place in those place with the good people. Amin.


  2. Something he said many months back at Mak Long Juriah's funeral..which makes me wonder...

    When you reach 50.. it's all about waiting for the bell to ring....

    So Azman... be strong... I know how it feels... and right now , your family especially your mom needs you guys....even more.

    Only your dad will call me "Yen" in the middle of the crowd it's just him.

    Sorry I can't come to the funeral ,cos I'm dead broke as it's middle of the month..and coming to SG is very costly for me too....

    He will be missed dearly.
    Feel free to drop by Kuala Pilah if you need to chill out.



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