Friday, June 17, 2011

They can try threaten...

I suppose the latest DDOS attacks by the ANONYMOUS and RED DRAGON team is just the tip of the iceberg for the MCMC team as they claim they have the list of perpetrators who hacked into the servers. The media is just going along with the Try Scare Them Out tactic which, is all about nerves of steel.

Come on MCMC, these people just want what they want to do, download. The DMCA itself protects copyright owners of their works and rectification is better than trying to whack a dengue mosquito with a shotgun, only to hurt yourself in the feet.

DDOS can be avoided easily if they have the proper equipment and technical expertise. However, the government employees really lack the skill and carrot to deter this from happening in the first place and that poor government websites were defaced.

However, how much of data from MyEG, Polis Diraja Malaysia were compromised? I do believe if they managed to hit the server itself, data would be leaked by means of database piercing. One good example was the Sabah Tourism website. The email addresses, root user password are all open , only hashed by an MD5 encryption.

They could have planted a trojan and use the whole subnet to tunnel into other parts of the network or subnet masks which act as a packet sniffer or alike and there goes your credit card details, encryption details and passwords. I recall this happened way back 5 years ago when MyEG had a flaw in their processing service and I had a whole bunch of people renewed their licenses for FREE.

To make and run a server is simple for them but maintaining and securing it is always the issue. I honestly don't understand why they want to do that, but, it's a sure waste of money, resources and time. I could do a better job at that with Pinoys and Indians working 24/7 monitoring them.

So..what is next? Expect more DDOS....

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