Monday, June 27, 2011

Pondering over a DELETE BUTTON IN LIFE.

Something a ponder of the day... Thanks to my friend Amos Dong who wished for a DELETE button in life.

Here is to you bro... a point to ponder.
I learn a way...after very painful ones...and this is an advise from my late wife ...

Hubby,In life .. we have many skeletons that we buried and shoved in our closet of life.. which must never be opened or uncovered for you will live your life like a walking zombie... so if you have to go thru again a place that has sad memories..and not to remind yrself of that past.. bring someone who brings you happiness and joy... for that will over write the sadness that is within, something like a video tape.. and thus ... your walk in life is no longer haunted by those very feelings and that "langkah kita tidak akan pendek lagi untuk elak tempat tersebut" (meaning we won't try to avoid that place again in phobia)... and if someone says so and so.. let it be so..for stick and stones will break my bones but words and slurs can't.

Remember these words for you will never be imprisoned again by life.. for the most cruel prison is where we live with regrets , shame and melancholic feelings.
Those are so thru and just better than going for AA Meetings. Pain is there..but far less than ever...

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