Monday, October 8, 2012

NTUC & Amy Cheong Saga

I am a Singapore Citizen and as a Citizen, I am the country's ambassador where ever I will be, be it in Singapore locally or in London or freezing myself in the highlands of Scotland. Where ever it may be, I am proud to be a Singapore citizen, and despite we Singaporeans are just like noisy small cat, it sure can irritate the hell of the world with our potence.

However, having said that, I am truly appalled by the actions of one silly individual within our society. Being a small fry and posting such racist comments can cause you serious harm along side with the family, what more of an Assistant Director and the damage is really like pouring petrol onto the employer and releasing a Nuke on the whole society.

As a professional,be it anyone, we are bound by what we say. With vulgarities posted on Facebook is a big no-no, what more of you trying to tell another whole race of their way of life, to get a do a proper wedding so there is less divorce etc. What about herself? Does she reflect that the Chinese is ignorant immigrants? Or that the government is so shallow to allow facebook into the workplace?

In all, IDA , MDA and Govt agencies must step in to curb this cyber nuisance. Whatever you do will reflect on the employer too. In fact, with my work policy, you understand as a public corporation, there are so many things you can NOT do... and in this case, the damage is done. Repairing it is another bugger.

You have caused hurt to me as a Malay, and telling me and the whole world that WE MALAYS HAVE NO MONEY TO HOLD WEDDINGS?? We are here, telling the world to follow GOOD ASIAN VALUES, Thrift and Shy ourselves from any sin, especially ADULTERY. We do not go outside and have sex with anybody we like, we do it with our spouse celebrate our Union with a Modest Celebration, and not having to beg, borrow or cause our families to sell their house to fund the lavish wedding like the Chinese do...which cost at least $100,000 !!!!

Please have some sense....

But in all, I am quite hurt by this. I as a Unionised Member feel hurt as we are their employers, we pay their wages. The ministers are responsible to rectify this.

Remember all, think before you post.


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