Monday, October 22, 2012

Updated my Punch tab rewards

For those who are loyal customers, readers and hated me...stalking me all about, I am happy that you drop by and a comment by someone saying they needed the points make me wonder and apologise for not blogging as often as before.

Right now, I am upping the ante for Malaysian based readers.I am giving away RM5 Prepaid Top-up for the first 10 Bloggers who can reach 2000 points. You get 100 points for just registering or coming in here... and you get points for commenting and much more if you share on your facebook.

I have no idea (forgotten about it more likely) of the current points system, so do test out....

As such, one lucky person will get RM5 topup here by dropping a comment, sharing and re-posting on your social media network. If you are in Singapore or somewhere else, I may just pay you in Paypal.

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