Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Activated Google Adsense Filters

I did not much bat an eyelid over the advertising that Google Adsense or the associated networks over many years since it did not earn much for me, but of late, due to the Monetary Regulations and Advertising Laws in Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and US, I am quite displeased with the type of advertising I am getting from them, just the variety of things.

So I wanted to filter out some low earning adverts and those I classed as Haram or Syubaha which is in the Grey Area, like Kosher to the Jewish community. What I wanted to filter out are those Forex Adverts, Gold Schemes and MLM Related, specific to the certain regions, as they also do not pay as much as I feel is right  to me.

So what I did is activate the Ad Blocking Feature in Adsense.

I am getting rid of the Keywords FOREX, iForex, Gold Trading, Silver Trading, Futures, Insurance Mutual and Gaming related. Due to the fact that I am a Professional Financial Adviser, I can't sell them or promote them without a need of a license. Even to the layman, it's not allowed in ASEAN regions now.

Just that I am cleaning my act here... so bear with me.

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