Monday, October 15, 2012


Oh F***, we said it again. Oh This and Oh That. We see it every day and if we commoners say it... it's all right ain't it Guv? But for someone of stature , holding top post, it's a big no-no.

The American FCC fines a broadcaster up to $325,000 for every vulgarity said on the air during prime time, with kids about and you get suspended from work if you boss is the BBC, but if you are Homer Simpson, it's really all right.

Here in Singapore, we spend over 2 years of our lives saying vulgarities, in more than one language. I remember my days in the army, during those nasty BMT days, where we do it at the old Yishun Camp (Transit Road Camp for many of you guys) and the good morning for everyone is KNN B CCB U F***ing Maggots, get up and go mandi....well, that is way we get it from the CSM or RSM before reveille and you are sure gonna get that if your platoon is not up by 5am! Then you get the 5BX and all the XXX.

Having said that, it's darn all right to verbally say it but you do not cuss and swear over the Internet. What you say can and will be used against you and under the ITU / CCITT Regulations read under the 1984 regulations, is that we shall not use the Network for Public Harm or cause any discomfort to others.

What the heck right???

Point it, don't cuss online. Period. You get sacked for that.

Unless you are worst blogger of all time!

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