Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Singaporean in Malaysia

There are more than 200,000 Singaporeans in Malaysia. Many more if you count the day trippers crossing over the Causeway and Tuas Second Link amounting to over 100,000 a day, more during the weekends or long holiday periods.

But did you know, there are many things we as Singaporeans do not know.

1) Our motor insurance only cover mostly 3rd party coverage if we get into an accident, irregardless of who is at fault. If you loose your vehicle, especially motorbikes, they cover only 50% if within the 50KM of Johor Baru.

2) Goods vehicle may be driven into Malaysia. These G-Plates can be driven if you have business in Malaysia for Combi Vans, SUV. You DO NOT NEED to get a Malaysian GDL or Malaysian Driving Permit.

3) Singaporean can apply to drive in Malaysia. Especially good if you want to save money and if your kid is under age of 21.

4) Cheaper to pay by Debit Card than just to change money at the money changers. Don't use a credit card, because if you kena scammed, you cannot claw back. Debit card maximum withdrawal is usually $1000 or $5000 max even if you have 100k in the account. Carrying huge amount of cash can cause you to get ROBBED!

5) Cheaper to have a prepaid Sim Card (Hotlink best coverage) to avoid roaming costs. Using a dual sim phone, you can see who call you, and call them back on local network.

6) Contrary to what you hear, their WiMax 4G Network (YES) is faster than anyone else. Pay-as-you-go or Prepaid is cheap considering the RM68 Valuepack which gives you phone calls too. Get the huddle for maximum use. You can also get Post Pay services. Just ask me. I can get it done. No ID needed.

7) Don't worry about kena saman. They do chase you....but you get discount for being FOREIGNER. Just don't give kopi money. CPIB (SPRM lah stupid) may be there. Not worth the hassle. Just pay if you kena clamp!

8) Your Weekend Car (OPC) is not legal to be in Malaysia during restricted hours. Some state JPJ can detain and seize your car.

9) Most machines can be used to draw money in Malaysia except Bank Islam, Koop Bank and the Government Banks. Maybank, CIMB, BSN are good banks.

10) Keep a spare phone. Just in case if you kena sabo. Keep your wallet safe somewhere else, carry one credit/debit card and some cash only, so if you kena pick pocket... only a little bit kena.. no need to pay so much for replace IC , License etc.

More?? There is more.. check out our Business Talk websites.

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